Decay - Copyright  2005 by Christoffer Jon Sinnbeck
I jumped the fence to an old water supply station in the city of Horsens a few weeks ago. Nothing interesting there except for this old, broken instrument measuring the amount of water in the tank.

Speaking of decay: I was totally and utterly impressed by the Canadian photoblog Worksongs that I discovered a few days ago. This guy almost exclusively takes pictures of old, abandoned buildings - factories, power plants, stations, you name it - in decay, and the results are nothing short of amazing. When something has been left to fall apart for 30 years, it gets a special sort of decaying charm. The best and most interesting photoblog I have seen so far, period.

Speaking of decay, II: This is the week where my childhood home will be levelled with the ground and replaced by a supermarket parking lot - don't worry, my parents have moved their stuff (and themselves) out first, and they have bought a new house now - so it's all agreed upon, etc. Still, strange feeling that this house, the one I know so well and have lived in for 16 years of my life (1982-98), will disappear. That's why I went there in the weekend to help my parents move AND take some last pictures of the place. I did some night exposures which turned out quite well, watch this space - and beware, I may need to use this blog for self-theraphy concerning the trauma of loosing one's childhood home :-) This week only!

Enough writing for today. Have a nice day.

P.S.: Supermarkets suck.