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Machine Paradigm
I went to see a glassblowing shop in the town of Sæby, Denmark in the weekend. Very fascinating. This shot displays the machines and ovens that the glassblowers work with. I could feel the heat from the ovens very significantly from where I stood when I took the picture - glassblowing is a warm line of work!

I have added a link-bar at the bottom of my site to include the photoblogring links. Also - just for bragging :-) - links to validate my site's XHTML, CSS and RSS. No, seriously, this site really looks the same in IE (Win), Firefox (Win/Mac) and Safari (Mac), and I guess this can be ascribed in part to the standards-compliance. Only "black sheep" is IE/Mac, which is just a lousy browser that doesn't even begin to interpret CSS in the right way. So I won't bother doing workarounds.

I also edited my "about" page, since the text didn't really reflect reality anymore. It said that I don't have any idea about what to do in the long term, when in fact this "freelance" business of mine is getting more and more serious, and therefore could be a "long term" thing. So there you go.

'Till tomorrow | Chris