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My cousin Jeppe Engell has a blog and was so kind to mention my photoblog yesterday - thanks a lot, Jeppe.

In other news, I managed to program a small PHP-script that builds an RSS-feed yesterday. So from this day on you can subscribe to my site via RSS 2.0. Please do!

I can't help it, I have to keep on posting some older scanned slide film shots. The problem with suddenly owning a very nice DSLR is that I don't necessarily have the time to actually take any pictures with it. So I'd rather post an older shot that I like than posting an infinite number of DSLR-shots of, say, our bathroom or some boring thing. Fortunately I will have the chance to take some pictures in a new enviroment this weekend.

The weekend is expected to be very warm - up to 30 degrees Celcius - and I even heard the weatherman in TV this morning saying that they expect tomorrow to be the warmest May-day in Denmark since 1947. So I'll leave you with this shot from another very hot day on a boat sailing on the Swedish Skærgård in 2003.

'Till Monday - Chris