Photo Friday Challenge: Green - Copyright  2005 by Christoffer Jon Sinnbeck
Photo Friday Challenge: Green
I had planned that this should be a day to put up another shot from my new and great DSLR instead of old scanned slide film, but then I stumbled across the Photo Friday site, and then I decided that I would try to enroll an image into this week's challenge called "Green".

The shot is taken in Norway in July 2003 - we were taking a walk through a small forest, and suddenly the evening sun shined through the woods in this pretty nice way. It definitely looks very "Green" to me :-)

I have a lot of older film shots that I would like to show you anyway, so they're all bound to end up here sooner or later :-) There will hopefully be plenty of chances to post more digital shots as well.

Have a nice day | Chris