Much More Than Meets the Eye - Copyright  2007 by Christoffer Jon Sinnbeck
Much More Than Meets the Eye
This was shot at my grandmother's one or two years ago.

I have a few links that I would like to update you on, so here goes.

I've grown increasingly fascinated with the American Magnum-photographer Alex Webb. He has a distinct style of color photography that I really like. It all started with a theme evening on the Danish channel DR2 last year where an interview with three Magnum-photographers, one of them Mr. Webb, was broadcast (the interview was, by the way, re-run a few weeks ago). Then I got hold of some books, and last week I found this interview with him at Polish site Fototapeta called Things That Seem Paradoxical Can Coexist. Highly recommended.

I also stumbled upon a Japanese photo site which showcases work and books from some 5 or 6 different Japanese photographers. It's OSIRIS, and I was particularly happy about the few available shots from The Sign of Life by Yoshiko Seino.

I actually found OSIRIS because I was reading an essay at a place called Tip of The Tongue. I haven't read it all that thoroughly yet, but it seems like a site of well-done theoretical reflections over different photographic subject matters. I'm interested in the move from analogue to digital photography, and the current essay is dealing with black and white photography from that point of view. Very interesting.

And how did I ever find Tip of the Tongue? Because I subscribe to the newsletter at Aperture Foundation which I can - again - recommend if you'd like to be updated on new book releases, see their galleries or read essays. And they just announced the aforementions Alex Webb's new book, Istanbul: City of a Hundred Names including an essay by Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk (whom I have read absolutely nothing from, sorry).