The joy of kite flying! - Copyright  2005 by Christoffer Jon Sinnbeck
The joy of kite flying!
This is my cousin, and he really likes to fly with his kite. By the way, the kite is the one in this shot.

Anyway, my new layout is up, and I hope that you like it - better than the old one, at least. The goal was to remove some elements to make the images stand out more, and also, I feel that most images just look better on a grey background (rather than white). But maybe that's just me. The image-info and comments will appear when clicking "info + comments" in the top of the screen.

If you experience any kind of problems with this site in your browser, please do mail me at: cjs [at] christofferjonsinnbeck [dot] com. I have tested it with coherent (and succesful) results in Internet Explorer 6, Firefox and Opera 8 for Windows, and I was also told that it looks fine in Safari and Firefox on Mac. I have decided not to optimize for IE5 on Mac, because it's just a lousy browser :-)